Not all mobile communication companies are the same. It’s easy to find radio equipment, but hard to get what you really need.

This is where FOXCOMM is different from every other mobile communication company. With FOXCOMM you get the solution you need, delivering the benefits you require through:

  • Speed: You’ll be surprised at how fast we respond from initial inquiry through to on-site support and service.
  • Experience and skill: Our experts solve the pain of selection, configuration. installation and use associated with temporary mobile communications. We eliminate problems, bringing you the best communication experience possible.
  • Field proven, “been there, done that” knowledge: We know what can and will go wrong with equipment, integration and communication. We eliminate simple and complex problems before they happen.
  • No disruption culture: We smoothly work alongside your team and project eliminating delay and cost, stopping communication breakdowns and productivity gaps through better communication.
  • Operational protection focus: Our solutions never interrupt ongoing operational communication. Shutdown, turnaround or capital project communication never jam or overloading your operational communication systems.

Don’t settle for ordinary communications for your next shutdown/turnaround or capital project. Go FOXCOMM and push, talk, win!

It’s very simple. FOXCOMM is a leading integrator and provider of temporary mobile communications solutions for turnaround and capital construction projects. Going way beyond simply radios and repeaters, we’re the team dedicated to your communication success with 1000s of projects and customer successes that ensure you get what you need, when you need it—every time.

We are an industry leader providing customers with the very best in mobile communication-based collaboration, productivity, safety, responsiveness, customer experience through delivering fully integrated, easy to use, and competitive communication solutions.

FOXCOMM is an solution integrator of best-in-class equipment, expertise, skill, architecture, applications and benefit for the best in temporary mobile communications experience. We’re innovators who lead the industry in mobile communications for shutdown/turnaround and capital construction projects, serving the unique needs of contractors and owners.

Our FOXCOMM solutions are unique to the industry for delivering communication without compromise, leading to greater collaboration, production, safety and staying on-time and on-budget.

Right equipment, right solution, right reliability, right benefit, from the right partner… right now!

Peace of mind through:

  • Fast response: Quick, no hassle response to need, requirement, problem, support and customer relationships
  • No surprises: stay on time and on budget; no radio frequency conflicts that slow or stop the project
  • No risk: Meet internal and external compliance needs; work with a proven company and people
  • Full accountability: The right equipment, right time, right capability and tracking of equipment
  • Predictable performance: From the equipment and applications to accurate and on-time billing
  • No problems: The best customer experience because we get it right the first time and every time

What about after the solution has been installed at your site? You get:

  • Best-in-class solution support: Resolving most problems within 30 minutes of discovery, even on-site


For turnaround and capital projects that need temporary, mobile communications, we deliver:

  • Lower overall communication cost
  • Superior person to person communication
  • Fast, responsive problem identification and resolution
  • Reduced production losses (time, task, and equipment)
  • A more agile organization and project
  • Greater task and delivery precision
  • Fewer defects or mistakes due to poor collaboration
  • Improved personnel safety
  • Greater property security
  • Improved environmental protection

Our customers communicate, collaborate, problem solve, and accomplish project tasks faster, more accurately and stay on budget.



Handsets, repeaters, base stations, antennas, applications, integration, architectures, systems and solutions for person to person, person to machine, and machine to machine communications.


Merging the deepest, field-proven skills and experience to deliver solutions that accelerate turnaround and capital project collaboration, productivity, safety and success.


Addressing the unique challenges of temporary, mobile communications within tight budgets and timelines while adapting to each unique customer requirement.


Providing the best end-to-end customer experience from initial inquiry to final, accurate billing for contractor and owner mobile communication needs.


Don’t leave your turnaround or capital project communication to radio equipment providers that rely on yesterday’s technology and poor customer service. Instead, put FOXCOMM on your next project and increase communication collaboration, productivity, safety and success.